An end-of-year update…

So it’s been more than a few months since our last news item… does feel like the world’s spinning out of control, doesn’t it? But one thing that’s been in control has been the output of Pocket Universe Productions. Over the course of the past six months we have been writing, recording, editing, mixing, and recording some more for some amazing works you will hear in 2017 over 2016. Yes, scheduling and re-scheduling has ultimately meant that projects we hoped to release this year will happen next year instead.

But what a year it’s going to be: 2017 includes an original IP from one of the founding members of P.U.P. in addition to our first ever live performance, combining graphic novel and radio show… on steroids. In addition to a celebrity-laden work as big as Locke & Key. In addition to the long awaited second season of Horrorscopes and the continuation of the Domino Lady. In addition to… who knows? Anything can happen. And most likely will.

For now we wish you happy holidays. And please… be NICE to each other. Okay?

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