Here’s some news that YOU can use:

The final round of Audie nominations was unveiled today, and now it’s three for The X-Files: Cold Cases, with “Excellence in Production” added to the mix! We’ll know the winners come May in New York…

Sight Unseen is now on multiple platforms! Wondery Media’s shows are now available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Overcast, TuneIn, and Spotify. So you have many new outlets through which to hear the beginning of Amanda’s story. Visit the SU page on Wondery for links.

Finally, Pocket Universe is pleased to announce that two new podcast mini-series are in the works… in fact we’re putting them together right now! Suffice to say, something old will be new again, and we will be working with a great emerging podcast network out of Chicago on these podcast mini-series… in addition to quite a few other groovy projects in the pipeline. You’ll hear all about these two series in another month, so stay tuned. We’ll be right back…

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