Pocket Universe is on Stitcher!

One of the unfortunate realities about projects-in-progress is having to go into “radio silence”. And Pocket Universe Productions has been in a state of radio silence for some time now, which should give you an idea of the number of projects on our slate! But, as projects progress or near the finish line, we can begin making announcements. Starting today: Late last year Pocket Universe Productions entered into a series of talks with the fine folks at Stitcher, one of the biggest on-demand radio and podcast platforms, from which you can listen to over 100,000+ podcasts on your iPhone, tablet, PC, Amazon Echo, or in your Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, or Subaru.

Today (5/3/2019) is the day we move our podcast “audiothologies” MIDNIGHT MATINEES and AUDIOCOMICS REDUX from Southgate Media Group to Stitcher Premium. All 15 episodes from both shows are available on Stitcher for your binging pleasure. And with that, a favor to ask of you: if you like what you hear, share each episode with one person. Just one person is all it takes. If you know someone who will like “Titanium Rain” or “The Floodgates of Willowhill”, let them know our shows exist.

Finally, Pocket Universe Productions wishes to tip its hat to Robert Southgate of Southgate Media Group for giving us the leg up we needed with MIDNIGHT MATINEES and AUDIOCOMICS REDUX. Robert is good people, and trust us when we say that we look forward to working with him again down the road.

You can find links on the “Podcasts” page!

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