Pocket Universe Productions is Live!

Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a while in coming, but welcome to Pocket Universe Productions.

In 2010, we began this journey as AudioComics, presenting high-quality audio dramas from independent comics and graphic novels, and along the way got to work with some astounding collaborators from the comics industry. But as new opportunities came our way, we realized that we need to expand beyond the name AudioComics to something more all-encompassing. Hence Pocket Universe was born.

Under the Pocket Universe name we’ll be working on projects ranging from multi-narrator audio books and full-cast audio dramas to video games to apps and even live performance, all the time continuing to push the boundaries of this medium we call audio. And not to worry, AudioComics has not fallen by the wayside, far from it: it will now serve as a division of P.U.P. There are other comics-to-audio projects we want to tackle (and some we plan to finish as well), so the AudioComics name will stand for many years to come.

Here we’ll have all the news that’s fit to print about P.U.P., including project announcements and updates, peeks behind the curtain, and the occasional commentary (though we’ll keep that to a minimum). Also, did you notice the “Podcast” page? Yep, we’re putting together the Pocket Universe Podcast, where we’ll present a handful of pieces from our anthology titles; more importantly we’ll present new works there in serialized format before re-releasing them as complete series a la your favorite trade paperback. And beginning in 2017 we’ll finally be going out on the road for appearances at conventions and book fairs (yes, book fairs still exist).

Change is constant. Change is necessary. Sometimes it can be scary as all hell, but some of the time it can be pretty great. We’re looking forward to sharing what’s next with you!

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