SIGHT UNSEEN on the Wondery Network

Ladies and gentlemen, we can now announce our first big project of 2017: Pocket Universe has produced the first original intellectual property of co-founder Lance Roger Axt, SIGHT UNSEEN, for the Wondery Podcast Network in Hollywood, CA.

Julia Whelan (audiobook narrator; ABC’s Once and Again) portrays 17-year-old competitive surfer Amanda Houston, who loses her sight in a devastating car accident. The catch? The accident also unleashes her long-dormant sixth sense. The series follows her journey post-accident: how her blindness changes her and those around her (her family, school cliques, etc.), even as her “abilities” uncontrollably emerge. Emphasis on the “uncontrollably”. Best part: the two-episode pilot (and subsequent episodes in the first season) will air on Wondery’s flagship audio drama showcase Secrets, Crimes and Audiotape starting Tuesday, April 4.

The first season was written by Lance Roger Axt and Natalie Fedak (of the Bellingham Film Festival) and directed by William Dufris, the first season also includes the voices of Adam Henderson, Liisa Lee, Bernadette Colomine, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Jason Linere White, Shana Eva, Kaleo Griffith, Misty Lee, Lisa Renee Pitts, Jeff Rolle Jr., Bahni Turpin, Jaime Alyse Andrews, Hank Northrop, Elizabeth Knowelden, Teresa Hegji, William Dufris, Lance Roger Axt, and special appearances by Martin Jarvis and Alex Hyde-White.

You can visit the SCA page on Wondery’s website; you can also hear SCA on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts. SIGHT UNSEEN is, to our knowledge, one of the first YA concepts to be presented as a full-cast audio drama, and it’s something we’re all extremely proud of, and we hope you’ll all give it a listen. And let us know what you think!

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