Alright folks, Audible Studios has lifted the embargo: we can now tell you what Pocket Universe’s AudioComics division will be rolling out in 2017: the full-cast audio adaptation of…

THE X-FILES: COLD CASES, starring DAVID DUCHOVNY and GILLIAN ANDERSON as Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully!

Produced by William Dufris and Lance Roger Axt with Elaine Lee (her last project with AudioComics as a producer), and adapted by Executive Producer Dirk Maggs (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Neverwhere, Good Omens, Alien: Out of the Shadows, etc.) from the IDW Publishing series written by Joe Harris, the audio drama also stars MITCH PILEGGI as Skinner, WILLIAM B. DAVIS as C.G.B. Spender (aka “The Cigarette Smoking Man”), and TOM BRAIDWOOD, DEAN HAGLUND, and BRUCE HARWOOD as the Lone Gunmen.

Additional roles (about 150 of ‘em) are voiced by Lance Roger Axt, Elizabeth Knowelden, Eric Pollins, Stephanie Diaz, Jonathan Woodward, Alex Hyde-White, Julia Whelan, Johnny Heller, Neil Hellegers, Robert Fass, Dion Graham, Jennywren Walker, Jay Piscopo, Marie Stewart Harmon, Peter Berkrot, Corey Gagne, Casey Turner, Tom Maggs, Lisa Stathoplos, Jonathan Woodward, Christine Marshall, Philip Hobby, and Tess Van Horn among many others, and a production team that includes Fred Greenhalgh, Grace Waldron, Regina Bartholomew, and Kevin Billingslea.

For years, we have wanted to put together an American version of Big Finish. Now it’s finally happening. And by hook or by crook, hell or high water, we are going to reunite the cast of “Friday Night Lights” for an audio drama reunion (so if anybody knows how to reach Jason Katims, Kyle Chandler, and Connie Britton, we’re all ears).

You can pre-order the work HERE!

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