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Pocket Universe Productions creates fully immersive "audio movies", adapted from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thriller prose, as well as from stage plays and graphic novels.

Founded by Lance Roger Axt and William Dufris, Pocket Universe elevates audio fiction to a whole new level by offering the best stories from the best writers and utilizing professional voice actors and richly layered soundscapes and music in order to provide stellar audio entertainment.

Pocket Universe is also one of very few production companies that brings a unique collaborative approach to the medium by working in partnership with independent creators and writers, guiding them through the process of adapting their stories for audio, all the while ensuring no unwelcome viewpoint is foisted onto their creations. Pocket Universe offers a second life for any creator’s story, via a medium that promises to present that creation to an entirely new audience.

Pocket Universe plans to expand our reach into the worlds of video games and animation, bringing the same quality found in our full-cast productions to the audio components of these forms of entertainment. Pocket Universe is also developing an original line of creator-owned properties for trans-media options and sales to the entertainment industry, including Mr. Dufris’ Twice Upon a Time, and Mr. Axt’s Plunder and Sight Unseen.

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(Please note: Pocket Universe Productions does not produce single-narrator audio books.
Our focus is on productions that employ multiple cast members, most notably audio dramas/fiction podcasts.)

Lance Roger Axt

Lance Roger Axt


Lance Roger Axt was the creator/Producing Director of the audio theatre production company Play it by Ear Productions, and former VP of the National Audio Theatre Festivals. He is an actor, writer, producer, and helluva nice guy.
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Lance Roger Axt

William Dufris


William Dufris began his audio career in London (radio plays, audio books, film/animation dubbing, language tapes), where he resided for 13 years. During this time, he had the privilege of sharing the microphone in a number of BBC Radio plays with Kathleen Turner, Sharon Gless, Stockard Channing, and Helena Bonham-Carter.
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Cathleen Bowen


Fred Greenhalgh

Writer / Director / Producer

Elaine Lee

Writer / Producer

Liisa Lee

Actor / Producer

Dirk Maggs

Writer / Director / Producer

Jonathan Woodward

Actor / Producer

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