Domino Lady

In a tribute the Golden Age of Radio, the AudioComics Pulp Adventures series brings classic heroes from the world of pulp fiction, the architects of many of today’s pop culture phenomenons, to the world of full-cast audio for the first time, beginning with The Domino Lady.

The Domino Lady originally appeared in the pages of Saucy Romantic Adventures and Mystery Adventures, “spicy pulps” that typically featured semi-pornographic short stories. Such magazines had smaller print runs (and were as a result a few cents higher in price) and were usually sold “under the counter” upon request. The alter-ego of Ellen Patrick, a wealthy UC Berkeley graduate out to avenge the murder of her father, the Domino Lady brandishes a .45 and syringe of “knockout serum,” though her greatest weapon is her sexuality, which she uses to disarm her unsuspecting opponents.

In the debut episode, All’s Fair in War, Ellen Patrick’s alter-ego makes her first appearance in 1935 San Diego, investigating the disappearance of an actual one million dollar bill from the San Diego Fair and Exposition. Complication: the Expo’s head of security is her cocky ex-boyfriend…

Coming in 2016: Moxie’s Gamble!
The California Pacific International Exposition is in full swing, the Domino Lady is wanted for a theft she didn’t commit, and the slimy Dan Carley has upped the anty with yet another robbery. Ellen Patrick’s only hope for finding the money lies in Carley’s “partner-in-crime “Moxie” Kaylor…who may not be what he appears to be. All this and a shoot-out to prove that “Crime Does Not Pay!”


Karen Stilwell as Ellen Patrick/The Domino Lady
Mandy Brown as Dottie Jaster
Peter Carini as Roge McKane
Peter Papadopoulos as Dan Carley
Kevin Donnelly as Moxie Kaylor
Bill Chessman as Samuel Benton
Lance Roger Axt as Mayor Percy J. Benbough and your Narrator
Christine Marshall as your Announcer

Written by RICH HARVEY
Director/Sound Design LANCE ROGER AXT
Post Production AUDIOCOMICS

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