Molly Danger

With a house full of boys, super heroes are very constant in our home. It has been wonderful for my daughter to have a super hero who is female! She has so enjoyed listening to this adventure of Molly. It is definitely not just for girls either as my boys tuned in to the action packed adventure. This is a very well done audio drama and throws us back to the days of sitting around the radio and listening together as a family. I love these kind of audio productions to invoke imagination in the kids!

Adapted from the children’s graphic novel series from industry superstar Jamal Igle, AudioComics and Action Lab Entertainment present MOLLY DANGER! Nicknamed “the princess of finesse,” Molly is the most powerful ten-year old in the world. She protects Coopersville, New York from the villainous Supermechs; has legions of devoted fans; and has more fame than anyone can fathom. But what she really wants more than anything…is a friend. A family. And a real life.

Meanwhile, the forces of evil are converging to rock Molly’s world. For 20 years she has been led to believe that she’s an immortal alien whose family died when their ship crash-landed on Earth, genetically altered by the earth’satmosphere. She also believes that she is the last of her people. She is wrong–very wrong…


Olivia DuFord as Molly Danger
Robin Miles as Commander Holder and Monica Briggs
William Dufris as Austin Briggs
Justin Reid as Brian Briggs
Jennywren Walker as D.A.R.T. Technician Emma Bastion
Dave Marshall as D.A.R.T. Technician A/Loisel
Tess Van Horn as D.A.R.T. Technician B/Cameron
Michael Howard as Captain Parmeter/"Father"
Lance Roger Axt as Medulla
Jay Piscopo as Slipscott/Lil'Cavey
Joshua Hughes as Doug Phillips

Special guest appearances by JAMAL IGLE and ELAINE LEE.

Adapted for audio by LANCE ROGER AXT and ELAINE LEE from the graphic novel by JAMAL IGLE
Director/Sound Design WILLIAM DUFRIS
Composer/Arrangements FRANK SCHULMEYER
Cover art JAMAL IGLE

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